Remove quantities with barcode or SKU?

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Hi Guys,

Im planning on opening a sublimation business which includes custom phone cases.

My question is if Im ordering bulk phone cases at the moment I am getting 10 of each phone case per model EG;

Google Pixel 4 - 10 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note - 10 Cases

Iphone 11 Pro - 10 cases

etc etc.

But my question is, each phone case will have several different variants and styles to choose from, and I dont want them to have to click one product and then choose from a drop down list of over 20 designs for their one phone model, Id rather make a collection with 20 different products all for the same model. To prevent over selling I want to make it so if someone buys a case for a Google Pixel 4 for example, it will take 1 quantity from ALL 20 designs for this case so I dont get backorders for this case as I dont want to over order cases for a specific model if there is not going to be demand for it but I dont want to under order and then get 500 orders and have to wait 2 weeks to order more bulk cases so I can print the designs on them.

How would I achieve this? Would setting all the cases for the same model phone with either the same SKU or Barcode work?

And what is the best SKU or barcode number generator you would recommend to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,