Requirement : I wish to add a hidden store for members for exclusive offers and products ?

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Requirement : I wish to add a hidden store for members for exclusive offers and products ?

Has anyone created such a feature for an online shop using Shopify ? 

Initial ideas could be to create 2 stores and 1 having password protected access to gain entry ? Any ideas on how to run what ideally would be a hidden store for  members only, however a visible store with a password protected could be acceptable ? 

Any ideas or advice welcome ? 

Thank you

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Hi @dcav,

You can refer

I suggest hiring a Shopify Expert if you are not comfortable proceeding with the following tutorial.

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Hello dcav!


The simplest way would be to add your exclusive products to a collection, and only display them if the user is logged in.


Logged in accounts have a customer object while on non-logged in users, it is null.

You can use that condition to show and allow those items to cart.


The specifics are in the link below.


If you'd like assistance on setting this up, please message me.

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Hi @dcav!

Ivy here from Shopify. 

To create a password protected store, or part of your store, you have essentially three options to achieve this:

  1. Edit code yourself. This would require editing the customer profiles, and what they have access to. This help doc walks through how to access this in your store's code however I must warn you, code should only be touched if you feel 100% confident in what you are doing as even one small mistake can cause huge store wide problems. I would also advice making a copy of your store before touching code, just to be safe! 
  2. Hire a Shopify Expert to carry out this task for you. You can post what you are looking for in this forum, and suitable candidates can then come to you with their plans and prices. 
  3. Use a third party app - this is probably the easiest of the three options in my opinion! There are a lot of apps that can carry out the task of "hiding" parts of your store, or specific products for customers who have a password or certain tag only. Here is a full list of options, and this one in particular is highly rated and one I have seen used successfully in the past. 

I hope this helps, Ivy. 

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify 
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