Resizing footer grid, Boundless theme

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Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 1.28.43 AM.pngI want to resize the footer grid more narrow, could someone help me with this?



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You will need to edit some code.


Step 1

First create a backup in case anything goes wrong. Go to Online Store > Themes and then click Actions > Duplicate. Done!


Step 2

Now go to Actions > Edit code and from the editor that loads, open Assets / theme.scss.liquid from the left folder pane. Fine this bit of code in that file

.site-footer {
  background-color: $color-footer;
  color: $color-footer-text;
  padding: ($gutter-site * 2) $gutter-site;

  a {
    color: $color-footer-text;

    &:focus {
      opacity: $opacity-link-hover;

Step 3

The property that affects the footer spacing is defined in this line

padding: ($gutter-site * 2) $gutter-site;

To make it smaller, you can change it to be

padding: $gutter-site $gutter-site;

Or if you want it even smaller

padding: ($gutter-site / 2) $gutter-site;

Hit Save and have a look. That it!


Hope this helps.

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