Retrieving GraphQL createMedia upload-ID

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Im trying to retrieve the upload ID of video's / pictures that I upload, this is essential in order to delete or alter the media. I'm not a graphQL expert and don't know where to search. I've checked serveral types of documentation but can't find anything concrete. For reference I've added to the code below. 

  "query": "\tmutation productCreateMedia($productId: ID!, $media: [CreateMediaInput!]!) {\n  \t\tproductCreateMedia(productId: $productId, media: $media) {\n    \t\tmedia {\n      \t\t\talt\n    \t\t}\n    \t\tmediaUserErrors {\n      \t\t\tcode\n      \t\t\tfield\n      \t\t\tmessage\n    \t\t}\n    \t\tproduct {\n      \t\t\tid\n    \t\t}\n  \t\t}\n\t}\n",
  "variables": {
    "productId": "gid://shopify/Product/5070126678155",
    "media": [{
      "originalSource": "",
      "mediaContentType": "EXTERNAL_VIDEO",
      "alt": "nicename"
  "operationName": "productCreateMedia"