Robots.txt removing several default rules.

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I want to allow both " User-agent: AhrefsBot" and "User-agent: AhrefsSiteAudit" to roam all the pages on my site for SEO purposes.

However they are blocked by robots.txt. I don't want to completly delete robots.txt, as I still want it to block the other stuff and be there for any future updates.

So I've tried to create an "Unless" rule using this guide: 

I'm not that familiar with the liquid language, so instead of making an exempt to the user-agents, i've tried to make it for the pages, as it is the same pages for both bots.

How ever, I've only been able to unblock 1 page at a time, even using and/or commands, it still only unblocks the last page.

Is there an easy way to allow these to roam my site, or to unblock several pages?


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You could do this to completely remove the Ahrefs groups: 


Though I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "for SEO purposes."

I haven't needed to adjust robots.txt to allow Ahrefs on any sites so far.


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