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Good evening,

I need some advice please.  I'm currently trying to optimise my websites SEO.

One of the problems that I am running into which is a 'critical' marker is duplicate metadata.  Basically, I have a number of collections which span over more than one page.  The SEO is picking up that I have identical metadata on each of these pages, which is correct. When I change pages, the title remains the same.  Is there a way to add the page number within the title for each page so that I no longer have the identical title on each of the pages?


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Yeah that's not hard with some liquid code & HTML customization.

Shopify templating gives us a bunch of pagination variables available in Liquid see the cheatsheet. Should be straightforward to use these into a meta desc if that's what you want to do.

So if you're starting with this:


<meta name="description" content="{{page_description}}" /> 


Then you could change to this: 


<meta name="description" content="{{page_description}} | Page {{paginate.current_page}} of  {{paginate.pages}}" /> 


 That's a very rough example with no conditionals or anything smart happening like only if page 2+ then show pagination in meta desc.

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