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we have two problems we are trying to find a solution to on 
1. We currently have Dynamic URLs on the category/collection pages we need to have separate SEO meta fields, content and static URLs for each type, colour etc (variations on collections).
2. Complex products which have variants for colour, size etc which are dynamic similar to the category page but we cannot have individual meta fields for each variant? This seems to fallback to the parent product descriptions and SEO meta fields.
Would it be possible to even add custom fields for each variant for SEO meta fields?
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They recently introduced metafields per variant.

So you could introduce a variant metafield under Settings > Metafields: 



Which shows up on the variant editor like this: 


You might have this setup:

ProductProduct TitleProduct SEO TitleVariant TitleVariant SEO Title [Custom Metafield]
AAccent Tub ChairAccent Tub ChairBlack PU LeatherBlack Faux Leather Tub Chair
AAccent Tub ChairAccent Tub ChairBeige Tartan FabricBeige Tartan Fabric Tub Chair


From there it would be pretty straightforward to combine fields + some SEO title liquid logic something like: IF Variant SEO Title is not blank, THEN use it, else fallback to Product SEO Title + Variant Title. 

But you've also got the problem of sitemaps (variants not in it), canonicals (would need to switch to self-canonicalized to get indexed), and then also you probably want to have some LINKS between variants to ensure there is a crawl/click path to them. 

So it's all possible, there are just a few things to consider. Another approach is to break them out into separate products and create custom variant selectors on the product page for defined "product groups". 

I would suggest that if you're intending to do this for SEO reasons, start with keyword research and work your way out from there to help pick a SEO title convention and then after that, how that can be implemented by theme and/or metafield customization.

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