SEO: "More Than One Title Tag On Page"

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Hi Shopify Community,

I've just run a SEO audit on my site and its reported the "critical" error that I have more than one title tag on my page.

The SEO audit tool I used was

My shopify store with the SEO audit errors is, its using the Debut theme.

Looking at the source, this is caused by the payment buttons which are using the title tag, has anyone come across this error before?

For example:

<title id="pi-apple_pay">Apple

<title id="pi-american_express">

<title id="pi-google_pay">Google Pay</title>

I was thinking of just changing these from Title to some other tag which should fix this.

When trying to edit this, It seems that I need to edit the "payment_icon_markup" value, but I've searched the entire theme code for where this value is defined and I cannot seem to find it, does  anyone know where I would I edit this value?

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Hey @megansns , you / someone might have edited your Debut theme to add a title tag in there because I can't find the title tag anywhere in the default Debut theme either. Could you check your footer.liquid file and show us what you see in this specific section (see attached screenshot)?


Let me know if you see something different there first, and I can troubleshoot further.

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Hey guys,

I am having the same problem and it is really bugging me!!! I have even re-built my store and installed a new theme and I still have the same errors occurring on 66 pages!!!!?? HEEELP. I have contacted Shopify customer service and they could not help me. I believe this is from a DEADLY APP. All apps have been removed from my store now. The biggest problem is that I have with the title tags as it doesn't show up on every sight audit. I use ubersuggest for my SEO tool. Is there anyone who can help me before I shut down my shop as I am sick of the constant problems clearing up the mess left behind from apps (I wish I had known long before installing)

Many thanks