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Guys, I wanna offer a suggestion that to me seems extremely obvious. Maybe there's a reason why this hasn't been done, maybe I'm offering a revelation.


I'm absolutely fed up with trying to figure out shipping for my pod products on my store. I use Printify and, unlike Printful, they don't just automatically insert their entire catalog's shipping rates into people's stores. 


So right now Shopify users have two options: price based rates and weight based rates.


Why in the flip is there no option for quantity based rates?


For example:


Choose a product, then be taken to that product's shipping rate page.


Choose the rate for 1 item

Choose the rate for 2 items

Choose the rate for 3 items


And so on. Boom. Simple as hell. Let me rewrite that as if it's a shirt.


Choose the shirt. Now I'm at the shirt's shipping rate page.


1 shirt - $4

2 shirts - $6

3 shirts - $8


Can someone PLEASE make a quantity-based rate?


I made this post in another area, but I don't know if it was the best area for it. I'm reposting here too.


Hey @oymgame,


Shopify has weight and product based shipping options because they fill the needs of most merchants. It's highly unlikely they will ever offer quantity-based native to the platform, especially with the release of Shipping Profiles. With profiles, anytime you have more than 1 shipping profile, tiered shipping rates will never calculate properly. This is because they do their calculations based on the cart as soon as a tiered shipping option is added to a profile. Quantity calculations simply wouldn't function properly in the platform. 

Intuitive Shipping does quantity based calculations and we are currently offering a starter plan to help newer stores. We're happy to help you get set up if you're open to using an app to charge properly for shipping. 


Warm regards,



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