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Hi Team,

My domain has been connected for months now and it's still showing SSL pending on it. No one can get to my store directly via URL as its is not secure. Could you please help me get this SSL certification issue resolved?


Qamar Zaman

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This is something you'd want to contact Shopify Support over but in case a quick convo helps let me add a quick note.

Is this a domain that you purchased yourself (so not bough through Shopify)? If so, take a look to see if you can disable DNSSEC as that could be a blocker. 
If it was purchased via Shopify you 100% need to contact the support team directly.

I jump on these forums to help and share some insights. Not looking to be hired, and not looking for work.

Don't hand out staff invites or give admin password to forum members unless absolutely needed. In most cases the help you need can be handled without that.

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