Same Product Descrpition for different Types of Products (POD-Store)

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Hello Guys,

I have a POD (Print on Demand ) Store with 7 different Designs (this will be more in the Future). Each Design is printed on these 3 Typses of Products: T-Shirts; Hoodies; Ladies Shirts;

Now i want to add to all T-Shirts the same prodcut Desicription. Is there a way, how i can implemente a Code with 1 Description (Master) and copy it to all T-Shirts?

Is there a way to make this happen with Snippets and Co?


The Background behind this Question: I want to add a lot of Designs to my Store and there is always the same Description. If i have to change the Supplier, so i have to change the Description on every single product.

Would be great if anyone can help me.

Thank you.