Seems like caching is causing prices to come up as NaN

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Hi all,


I've got an issue where prices in my site are showing as NaN.

If I clear my browser cache (Firefox and Chrome) the prices show correctly, then after a short while they start appearing as NaN on Collection and Product pages.

I'm using the OutOfTheSandbox Retina theme and have GEMpages installed but only used on an About Us page.

The site isn't live... but I can give a link and password if anyone has any ideas..?


Thanks in advance


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Seeing "NaN" is more likely that there's some JavaScript in place that's changing the value of the price, but the it's hitting some issue with the value it's working with (aka, it gets a string and not a number). I don't see this being cache related specifically - the cause will be elsewhere.


An example link would help for sure.

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Hi there,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Long story short what I ended up doing was in the Retina theme I re-enabled the "currency converter".

It seems like the (presumably Java-run) currency converter didn't know what to do if it was disabled but alternative currencies were still 'enabled'. So, as you say, the value was being changed but it didn't know what to display.

I know that's not very clear but it's 9pm here and I'm over it. Hopefully this post helps some muppet similar to myself in the future...

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I don't have my currency converter disabled and I'm seeing $NaN for price after "adding to cart" the product. On Cart and Checkout pages, the product price displays correctly. It's just confusing to customers to see that after they add and item to cart.


Any idea how to fix this?

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I'm having the same issue.

Do you mind sharing how you managed to solve the issue?