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Hello everybordy,


After a very intensive search, I've seen that this "feature" has been requested many times during the last years. It is incomprehensive why Shopify still didn't add this.


I've often read that "you can't sell 1.2 shirts or 0.95 Boxes". Well, I sell fabrics and my customers need to order the quantity they want in increments of 0.10cm. One of the often suggested "solution" were to label the items with the smallest possible unit. The industry standard is to label the fabrics with "Currency / meter" and not "Currency / 10cm" and so on. You see, the confusion for the customer would be perfect.


Additionally, I'd love to use Shopify POS. But this wouldn't work too if I can't sell my products in non-integer quantities.


Shopify has so much to offer, but struggles in this simplest need for stores that don't sell by integer number.


Is there any solution to get selling by meters online and with Shopify POS working? If not, I will have to look for other solutions on other platforms. Which would be a pity.


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Can the variants functionality be utilized for metered products?

Variant 1 = 0.10 m


Then select quantity for that particular measure.  Or is it not enough because it may be 0.13 total?  If that's the case, then an order form is likely the quickest solution in Shopify.  Other potential solutions would probably involve modifying and adding, and perhaps subtracting, Liquid and other code to perform the intended function.


Hey smarino, we have built an app for Fabric Stores that solves this exact problem. Click here if you would like a demo of how the app works.


The app lets you sell Fabric in Yards or Meters in the following increments.

  • 1/4 or 0.25
  • 1/2 or 0.50
  • 1/10 or 0.1 or 10cm
  • 1/100 or 0.01 or 1cm
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SewMuchCommerce ... 99 USD per month for something that IMHO should come out of the box. Not feasible for the majority of Shopify's customer base which are small start ups and can't even afford to pay anything but their basic plan. I concur with original poster here, the ability to sell fabric in increments of 0.10cm has been requested so many times over the past few years. I loose out on customers every day because they don't want to have to pay for an additional 0.4 meter if they only need 0.1. 


Hey Fabric Romance, I totally agree. I built the app for my moms fabric store almost 4 years ago and in that time have helped many fabric stores big and small. It is not my intention to keep any one from selling fabric effectively on shopify. I am happy work with you or any other startup to find a price that is more appropriate for the size of your business.