Selling product by EACH and CASE options on the same page

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We are in the process of migrating our Magento version of our webstore to Shopify. 

And I am struggling to find a way to offer our products by EACH and CASE options to our customers.

Here is a link to one of our product pages as an example.


You can see that we currently offer our product on an individual basis or by the case in each of our product pages on our magento version of our store. It's important to keep in mind that buying 2 individual products is going to be a VASTLY different shipping quote on the order then a request for 2 cases of 240 per case.


I need a way to present my products by the each.. (taking into account the individual products weight, and dimensions. And I also need a way to present that product by the case. (taking into account the CASE weight, CASE dimensions, and CASE quantity per case)


Is there an app that can handle this for me? Or, at the very least.. is there a way to set this up in Shopify via variants? 
I thank you for your help in this. 

Hey @APG-David,


Welcome to Shopify! We have a lot of clients who have moved from Magento to Shopify and are thrilled with their choice :) 


Our app, Intuitive Shipping, can handle the shipping requirements you listed. We're also free to install, so you can take your time setting up the app and testing it, then activate your free 14-day trial when your store goes live. 


I encourage you to reach out to our support team so they can guide you to set up the app to your exact specifications. You can connect with us at or within the app using live chat. 

Warm regards,



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heres a little more info.. 


I imported the information from our Magento version of the site. Which gave me three distinct product sku numbers for each product. The main product sku.. the "group" product. And the child skus.. one for the "Each" version of our product with its size weight, and price. And one for the "CASE" version of the product with its' size, weight, case quantity and price. 


Those imported into Shopify as seperate individual product sku numbers.. which is fine.. I can identify them. But if I try to create a VARIANT under the main or group product sku.. those variants would need to contain the multiple bits of information. 


Does that make sense?


In other words, can I create an "EACH" variant that contains the "EACH" product price, weight, and dimensions.... And then create a "CASE" variant that contains the CASE product price, weight, and dimensions?


but right now.. from what I understand with my limited knowledge, is that a variant can only contain one bit of information.. "price" or "color" or "whatever it is".  


I hope I'm wrong about that.. I hope, that I can load up multiple bits of information into a single variant. 


Is that possible? Would that resolve my need?

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Hello! Here is an UPDATE post on the solutions I used to solve this question.

I built each product page with a pair of Price variants. An "Each" variant, and a "Case" variant. Each with its own inventory sku number that can be individually tracked. We use an Inventory management system at our facilities called "Fishbowl". That program uses the different variant IDs to determine if it needs to just pull out 1 product from the inventory, or 1 case of say, 368 products from our inventory. The inventory system then performs an inventory update to Shopify. Displaying on our product pages how many are currently available for purchase.

Normally, when creating a product variant, Shopify needs a weight assigned to that variant id. But we keep all of those product variants at 0 weight. We do not use the Shopify shipping management system. It's too restricted and not very useful for what we needed. Not unless one is willing to make the HUGE price jump from $79.00 a month up to nearly $300.00.. 

Seriously ShopifY? You can't offer a graduated middle plan for those of us who are growing? $200. more a month is indeed a BIG deal for small businesses. 

ANYWAYS.. I checked into the Intuitive Shipping app. And went with it. I couldn't be happier. That little app has managed to take care of 90% of our goofy, and convoluted shipping needs. 

Well done.

- David