Sending Automated Email with form (that needs to be filled in) to someone who just ordered?

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Hi. I'm working on an online service for books which requires information on the customer's book (title, subtitle, author name, book size, genre, audience etc.). 


My Goal:

When someone orders something, an automated email is sent to them. This automated email will need to contain an INTERACTIVE and BEAUTIFUL form (with text boxes, radio buttons, dropdown boxes etc.) for the customer to fill in and submit. When they submit the form, I will receive it and can see exactly what the customer filled in so I can start doing my job for them.


Didn't see anyone talk about this yet. Please help, it would be greatly appreciated.


This is an accepted solution.

You can create the Form on the website and add the link of that form in the order confirmation template.   For editing the template see


For creating the form you can copy the contact page template and apply some changes as per your needs. See This Docs for more details. 

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Alternatively, you could use a nice form builder like typeform and send visitors to that form from your email.