Sending URL link based on SKU

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Hello, I am hoping someone may be able to help me as I am in a bit of a pickle...

Most of my products have an associated youtube tutorial that goes with them.

Most are freely available but for my larger projects these tutorials are unlisted on YouTube so they are only for customers who purchase this project

currently I use this code in my confirmation email ...

{% if line.title contains 'Poinsettia' %} <p> <a href="">Click Here for The Poinsettia Project Tutorial </a></p> {% endif %}

which worked a treat right up until today

my products have variants .. and now I am finding that I need to send tutorial A if variant 1 is ordered and tutorial B if variant 2 or 3 is ordered or I need to send tutorial A to SKU X and Y

I tried swapping out line.title contains to line.variant.sku which kinda worked but I need to add multiple SKUs and I don't know how to do that or what symbol might have to go between them 

If anyone has any help they can give I would sincerely appreciate it as I have a large launch on Sunday and this might throw a spanner in it lol

Thank you in advance.