Sending data from frontend to backend in shopify

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Hi! I'm developing an app with node and react. In this app, I have created a scriptTag using the fetch function to get customer id and product id whenever a specific button is pressed. Now when I have fetched that data, I want to store it in my firebase database, which I cannot import in my script tag file because it's on the front end. Therefore, I need to send the data from my frontend to the backend of the app but I'm confused that if I use the fetch function to make POST and GET requests, what URL should I use? Moreover, can the fetch function even post the variable values or not?


const header = $('').parent();

header.prepend('<div>Hello this is coming from the public folder </div>').css({'background-color':'orange', 'text-align': 'center'})

function addWishList(customer, productid){
  fetch(`url`, {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
      'Content-Type': ,
      "X-Shopify-Access-Token": ,


    console.log('adding item to the wishlist!!')

function removeWishList(){
    console.log('removing item from the wishlist!!')
 var wishbtn = document.querySelector('.wishlist-btn')
 wishbtn.addEventListener('click', function(){
     if(this.classList.contains('active')){             //condition to check if the button is already pressed
        this.innerHTML = 'Add to wishlist'
        var customer = wishbtn.dataset.customer;
        if(customer == null || customer == ''){
            console.log('Please log in to add this item to your wishlist')
            var productid = wishbtn.dataset.product;
            this.classList.add('active');      //when the user presses add to wishlist button, it add active to the button's class
            this.innerHTML = 'Remove from wishlist'
            addWishList(customer, productid);