Seo dropping off a cliff 95% of my impressions and keywords have been lost

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Hi Guys,


So since the 23rd may my impressions have dropped from 5000 a day down to around 400, I have identified that all of my keywords have been lost since that time for all of. my collection pages. I didn't make any major changes that I would of seen cause an issue. I have no manual actions etc from google. I have searched high and low for answers but am stuck. 


Does anyone have any sort of clue what it could be causing it? As I am really out of ideas.

the website is


I have run a number of crawls via different products and there is nothing that stands out. 


Any Help is greatly appreciated.


It's hard to tell. Occasionally, it's because a popular post linking to your site is removed. Sometimes, it's because Google algorithm update. 

As a quick check, you can only look at your GA to check your site traffic sources. See which channels are leading to the majority of the traffics during the normal period. After that, compare the result with your current traffic sources. The difference is the cause of the problem

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