Set Buy-Button & Cart Currency

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Hi Guys,

My store is available with Shopify's built in multi-currencies feature.

It's very easy to send a user to a checkout page in their currency simply by adding &currency= to my checkout page permalink.

For example, 




I am now trying to setup a "Buy Button" and its Cart to display in whatever currency I want.

Currently it defaults to USD in the embed code with this line:

moneyFormat: '%24%7B%7Bamount%7D%7D',  which is this ${{amount}}


I will use geolocation and when a user visits my page I would like to display the product price and cart in their countries currency.

Is there somewhere in the "Buy Button" embed code I can force add a currency option when script loads ??

For example,

currency: '€'

currency: '$'


A basic version of the buy button can be viewed at


Any help will be much appreciated! Thank you.