Set sales channels at the variant level

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I have items that I sell in sets of 2, 3, 4, etc. I will be opening a physical store in 2021. In the store the same items will be sold individually. The reason for the difference is shipping costs. Online I have to sell lower priced items in sets to properly offset the shipping costs. In a store, this is not necessary. I plan to use Shopify POS for the store. What I want is to set up the items using variants to differentiate between the set and the individual with their proper price, then use the sales channel to show them in the correct locations. All sets would have the online store channel, and the individual the POS channel. 

I have read other posts that say I just have to make two product listings for this. Also suggested is to discount the items at the POS terminal. I have a large catalog and none of the ideas work for me. I want to know if a Shopify Expert would be able to write code to move the sales channel choice to the variant level instead of product level, or is this beyond the scope of an app or theme customization.