Setting up Sendle (discounted shipping rates from Shopify shipping) - Help Needed

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Hi, I have hit a major hurdle during the setup of my Shopify site and am desperate for some help.

My products vary in size and weight ranging from 22gm to 2.5kg.  I use Sendle A4 unlimited satchels for some products and even though I can use this unlimited satchel for almost anywhere, there is a $13 surcharge for regional areas in Australia.  I need to set up the Sendle (discounted shipping rates from Shopify shipping), although I can't set it up on my Shopify as it continues to show the following message:  "Make sure your address is eligible for Sendle shipping services before setting up calculated rates. Learn more about shipping service eligibility"

I've checked my address and it is correctly entered (including Suburb in 'City' field, but I can't seem to make it work, and I can't find what the problem is.  I'm definitely eligible for this service.

Does anyone know about this problem and how to fix it so that I can use the Sendle (discounted shipping rates from Shopify shipping)

Please help! Thank you