Shipping Addresses with more than 35 characters

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I have issues with the required address section in the check-out page. There two different issues that appear to be a problem.

1. When a order is created and verified through shopify, you are able to create a shipping label accordingly. However, on top where it states " Shipping Address", a message that states "This order's address couldn't be verified." appears on top of the page highlighted in yellow. Despite the message, shipping labels can still be created. We would like to know if this message can be deleted or resolved so that there are no confusions when we print. 

2. Addresses are very different depending on the country. There is a problem, especially for Korean addresses. There is a problem with the "Province" and "City" part. For Korean address, both are the same information that requires not both but rather one of them. However, since it is required information, the information overlaps and creates a error message stating "The address line you're shipping to exceeds 35 characters." In some cases, it is impossible for the address to be further shortened. I would like to know how I can resolve this issue. 

Please let me know your thoughts on this. 

Thank you. 

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We have a fair amount going to ROK as well and the 35 characters is always an issue. Some customers get back to us with an edited version, something under 70 characters that we split between the two addy lines but many packages end up on a shelf, waiting for an answer. Email communication can be tough. Please advise!