Shipping Method is Incorrect

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My question is related to mobile specific. I'm on iOS but Android could jump in too as the issue is during the Shopify checkout flow which is running through a web view.


This is a bug I found when going through the checkout flow. Once a user has selected their item and quantity, they can select their preferred shipping method and then go through the Shopify checkout flow. I've given a scenario below with the issue I see.


In my checkout flow:

- I choose from a list of shipping options.

- Let's say I choose Individual Shipping...

- I tap on 'Check Out' and then I am directed to a web view screen to input my shipping address.

- I input the information, and then tap 'Continue to shipping'...

- Here, my Ship To information is correct, but under Shipping Method it is NOT auto-checking the shipping method I initially selected. It's alway autochecking the very first item.


Is there a specific Shopify API method I need to pass that Shipping Method to?

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Hey Luke, would you mind sharing a link? Seems a bit strange that you can choose a shipping method before checking out - eg some shipping methods only go to particular areas, so my understanding is that Shopify cannot allow you to choose until it knows where you are shipping to (because without knowing where you are it can't know which shipping methods are allowable...)


Im guessing that MAYBE the intial choice is an independant selector (such as those found in shipping calculators on the cart page), but sadly don't have anything to offer you re. allowing this choice to persist through the checkout - perhaps someone else can chime in here...  

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Hi Paul,


So one option has a predefined address so that flow is setup correct to mark the proper shipping method & rate.


It's just the option to allow the user to input their shipping address that has me stumped.


Via web, works as this --- User adds item to cart, checks out, inputs information, clicks next, and the proper shipping method & rate is selected.


Via app --- User adds item to cart, inputs information, clicks next, and is presented with multiple shipping methods & rates & has to select the proper one vs. the proper one selected by default.