Shipping Notification Email & Tags

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Hi. ive setup a custom cart attribute for customers to select there suburb/location for delivery. I then used order tagger app to auto add the delivery location as a tag to the orders. No i am manually adding Delivery Days to the relevant Delivery locations in the orders dashboard. 


Is there a way to automate that the Shipping Notification Email adds the Delivery Day tag to the relevant order? 


Your valuable assistance is needed urgently please.


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I also need a solution to this. Our business ships boxes of flowers across the U.S. to floral designers for events and we need a way to automatically tag orders by the delivery date so we know when to send out each box. We have already added a Delivery Date section into the form on the cart-template.liquid page using this code:


<div style="width:300px; clear:both;">
<label for="date">Pick a delivery date:</label>
<input id="Delivery Date" type="text" name="attributes[date]" value="{{ }}" />
<span style="display:block" class="instructions"> We do not deliver during the weekend.</span>


How can we automatically take this attribute and turn it into a tag?