Shipping Tax Override display in the Invoice

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Hello there.

We're an electronics store that ship orders from Ireland. Now we got VAT registered and tried to set up the tax in Shopify. Everything went well, except the fact that the automated tax feature of shopify applies the for the shipping also, while in our case it should not be:

If postage is charged separately and paid entirely to An Post, then these charges are not subject to VAT.

So to deal with that we set the Shipping taxes override we set it to 0%. But the problem is that in the invoice, based on the old invoice we once set up, we get two tax lines:


Here is the code snippet:

{% for tax_line in tax_lines %}
                <td>{{ tax_line.title }} {{ tax_line.rate_percentage }}%</td>
                <td>{{ tax_price | money }}</td>
{% endfor %}


What am I doing wrong and how can I have displayed only the 21% tax, and not have displayed the override shipping tax, which is 0% ?