Shopify + AWS API Gateway Integration

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Hi there,

I'm working on a project which involves building a Shopify store which also has a registration page for customers to register their products. In essence, I'd like for the page to require the user to log in and once they are logged in, the page will display the devices that they have registered and offer the option to register more devices.

I'm planning on storing the customer-product information in AWS RDS and making it accessible through the AWS API Gateway (authenticated through AWS Cognito). I'm not very familiar with Shopify so I'm not sure about the capabilities and limitations Shopify has for my use case.

I'd like to know if it's possible to:

1. Integrate Shopify with AWS API Gateway to make authenticated API calls

2. Display any information retrieved from these authenticated API calls in a template page

If yes to all the above, how can I do so? Any resources would helpful!