Shopify Automatically Compressing images

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Hi everyone,

I've noticed this topic mentioned in a few threads and I've tried most of the suggestions that seem applicable. I'm using the Pop theme on my store and shopify seems adament on compressing my images to a point of, in my opinion noticeably reduced quality. I've tried reducing the image size down in photoshop to a mere 80kb @ 500x500 and even raising the image size to 450kb @ 1024 x 1024. Shopify doesn't appear to compress gif but by default, solid whites and blacks lose their quality simply due to the file type. I understand that it is to reduce load times but I'd rather my customers have a high quality picture with a few milliseconds longer load time. I really may have to swap platforms if there is no ability to disable such extensive auto compression. Sorry if this has been answered already but I simply can't find a fix that works.

Any help with this would be really helpful.

Many thanks,

- Luc

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Any solutions? I have the same problem, but also with the logo, it really sucks, I will leave shopify if this problem is still existant! 

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Why Shopify support is missing to help solve this error?