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We're receiving so many spam comments on our blog posts.

Over the last week, I have marked over 300 as spam, but they keep coming through thick and fast.

They are all very similar and nonsensical.


I tried this:


But it doesn't seem to work on the narrative theme - the question doesn't show up so it becomes impossible for anyone to comment.


Is there a way to add google reCAPTCHA? 

Shopify - please do not suggest lots of apps - we are already paying for a service and shouldn't have to pay me for third party apps for such basic things!


thanks in advance




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I am having this issue too. This is what it looks like. I have the debut theme and haven't yet tried the captcha thing but will read the info and apply it to see if does work. Otherwise I will be watching this forum to see if shopify can advise of a way to fix. If you have pages of SPAM comments like I did this morning it is a very time consuming task to go and delete them all individually.