Shopify Buy Button... OK for thousands of products?

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Hi all,


I already have a storefront, but it's an affiliate currently and I'd like to transition to selling things myself.

The Shopify Buy Button channel seems like a good bet, since all I need to do is throw a snippet of code on each product page, and voila, I have an Add To Cart button, a checkout, payment processing, etc.

My question is, can I put the Shopify Buy Button code snippet on thousands of my product pages? I chatted with Shopify support, but they weren't able to answer and told me to contact the Shopify Experts. The experts weren't terribly helpful and just gave me canned "I will build your store for $xyz" responses. 

As far as I can see, all that changes from one product to another (i.e. one code snippet to another) is the product ID value. If I'm able to change that value dynamically, are there any downsides to this implementation?


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