Shopify Buy SDK: TypeError: Cannot read property 'checkoutLineItemsAdd' of undefined

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I'm having trouble adding a product to cart via the Shopify buy SDK.

In this example code:

shopClient.checkout.create().then((checkout) => {

    const checkoutId =; 

    const lineItemsToAdd = [{        variantId : someVariantId, 
        quantity : parseInt(quantity)
    shopClient.checkout.addLineItems(checkoutId, lineItemsToAdd).then((checkout) => {      console.log(checkout.lineItems)


When trying to add a line item to the existing checkout I get:


TypeError: Cannot read property 'checkoutLineItemsAdd' of undefined


I've tried using the actual product id instead of a variant id. Also I've tried using the variant id as is from the graph ql response (in Base64) and converting it to a number, but no luck.


I would appreciate any help



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Can you post the variantId you are using for a sanity check?

You should be using the base64 encoded string, which decoded would look like 

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Hi, thanks for your answer. 

I've tried using the variant id in the following ways:

Base 64 version: Z2lkOi8vc2hvcGlmeS9Qcm9kdWN0VmFyaWFudC8yOTcxMjI5MTU5NDMxMg==

Decoded version: gid://shopify/ProductVariant/29712291594312

And only the numeric part: 29712291594312


No luck

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I was facing this problem today using the Storefont API, but solved it using the Base64 encoded string of the `graphql_api_id` property which is associated with the variant, which (as described above) look like this: gid://shopify/ProductVariant/12434084921391.


You can get these from product objects, but you can also create them directly from your numeric variantId.


// this.checkoutId below is created after the client.checkout.create() promise earlier in the code

addLineItem(variantId, quantity = 1) { const graphqlApiId = window.btoa(`gid://shopify/ProductVariant/${variantId}`) const lineItemsToAdd = [{ variantId: graphqlApiId, quantity, }] // Add an item to the checkout this.client.checkout.addLineItems(this.checkoutId, lineItemsToAdd) .then((checkout) => { console.log(checkout.lineItems) }); }

This worked perfectly and I got back a GraphModel objects.


Hope that helps.