Shopify Card Readers, connectivity, bluetooth, card reader staying connected - connecting to iPhone

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Hi here it is 2020 and Shopify has the SAME technical issues with their Shopify POS and their card readers. Between last night and today I have spend over 2 and a half hours on technical support! 

First off, by Tap and Chip Card Reader will not connect, therefore I cannot connect it to bluetooth. Last time I used the connector, the tap and chip connector dropped after every transaction. 

After over one hour to get my Shopify POS app to successfully load, this morning I tried connecting my basically only 5 month old tap and chip reader to shopify. After 2 support calls and yet another almost 2 hours today nothing. I can't seem to get a new reader sent to me overnight because of COVID which everyone is using that as an excuse, I am disappointed and frustrated with Shopify that small business has not voice and we can't get our issues resolved. It is super simple to connect a device and connect to bluetooth, without that you can update the reader software or anything. Very disappointed.