Shopify Google Merchant Centre checklist question - any gurus out there ?

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Hi all,

I am trying to get my Google Merchant Centre linked to my Shopify store. Before I can even get my products into the Merchant Centre, there is a checklist that Google needs, one being that they need to see the payment methods on the Shopify store. I DO have my payment methods visible (in the footer of the site there are images showing Mastercard, Visa etc etc) , BUT Google is not detecting these. Is there any way to "TELL" Google that there ARE shopping methods on the site so they can approve their checklist ?

Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated, its driving me crazy.

Thanks a ton


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This seems to be a checklist in Shopify, get in touch with Shopify Support.


Also make sure you submit a payment policy page and add the payment methods in plain text on the product page content, such as in a tab or under the description.

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