Shopify Newsletter signup form redirect ANCHOR is WRONG.


When you enter an email address in the Newsletter signup (on the footer of most themes) and hit submit, it redirects to the signup captcha/challenge page. The problem is the redirect has an anchor on it (challenge#contact_form). That anchor is the ID for that same footer signup form not the captcha above. So, on a site with a large footer, you get redirected to the challenge page but stay on the footer and never see the captcha above without scrolling back up. 

I've noticed this on two sites with two different themes (Testament and Debut).I've searched for the contact_form ID in my entire theme and can't find it to change it. I'm guessing the Shopify newsletter signup form is off limits and the anchor isn't something we can change??? 


<form method="post" action="/contact#contact_form" id="contact_form" accept-charset="UTF-8" class="contact-form">


So in other words, the contact form redirects to itself (the same contact form anchor/ID) instead of the top of the page where the user would see the captcha. This is problematic if the user isn't expecting a captcha and just closes the browser window after entering their email address.

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In case anyone is looking for a temporary workaround to this issue, I put this javascript at the bottom of my theme file (before </body> tag) and it seems to work. It replaces the anchor with the body ID (challenge). Now when a user enters their email, the form redirects to the top of the contact/challenge page rather than the footer. Only works if the user has javascript enabled (most do)



function myFunction() {
  var str = document.getElementById("footer_signup").innerHTML; 
  var res = str.replace("contact#contact_form", "contact#challenge");
  document.getElementById("footer_signup").innerHTML = res;



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It looks like the issue is still around months later.

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I contacted support. They said they could have their design team edit my theme (which I'm sure just means they'd just hard code the form in my footer), and that they would "send a small report to our internal team to see if we can fix this issue collectively for all of the theme here at Shopify." which is what I wanted to happen. That was 10 days ago.

I opted to use my javascript fix until it's fixed properly.

Comparatively speaking, their support is good... but there really should be a hotline for developers. I dread contacting support because I know I'm going to spend an hour going back and forth explaining something to their first tier support before they will escalate an issue.