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We are running shopify POS free plan mainly just to print out receipts with the STAR TSP100ii receipt printer. So far as smooth as out of the box. Now we would like to add the delivery/order date of a third party app (In Store Pickup Local Delivery). This app allows us to give to the client at the checkout drawer to specify the pickup time. How can we add these variables to the receipt? Does anyone has the skill for?

Looking forward to your ideas, how it works or another app witch is able to work with the STAR Printer. Thanks


The variables are: 

{% if attributes['Order Due Date'] %}

{% if attributes['Order Fulfillment Type'] == "Store Pickup" or attributes['Order Fulfillment Type'] == "Local Delivery" %}{{attributes['Order Fulfillment Type']}} time{% else %}<h4>Order due at</h4>{% endif %}{{attributes['Order Due Date']}} {% if attributes['Order Due Time']%} {{attributes['Order Due Time']}} {% endif %}</p>

{% if attributes['Order Location Address'] %}Pickup Address {{attributes['Order Location Address']}}{% endif %}

{% endif %}