Shopify Product Reviews app outputting incorrect JSON-LD

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Hi All

It seems the Shopify Product Review app is still outputting problematic JSON-LD data - in my screenshot below 'Product' data is being controlled by me in liquid and contains my product ratings. When I add the Shopify Product Review code into the mix then 'AggregateRating' gets added which causes Google to longer show my product ratings in rich snippets. When I remove the SPR code then 'AggregateRating' disappears and Google correctly shows my product ratings in rich snippets.


When I was still using the Supply theme a few weeks ago I solved this by adding the following script theme.liquid which removed the JSON data outputted by Shopify Product Reviews:

var SPRCallbacks = {
onProductLoad: function( e ) {
$('#shopify-product-reviews [type="application/ld+json"]').remove();
onReviewsLoad: function( e ) {
$('#shopify-product-reviews [type="application/ld+json"]').remove();

I've since moved to the paid Warehouse theme and no matter what I do this workaround doesn't work for me anymore and I'm stuck with the Shopify Product Review JSON messing up my metadata causing my ratings to no longer appear in my Google rich snippets.

This actually a big problem which Shopify is ignoring, does anyone have any ideas?