Shopify REST Orders API, Date parameters is not working properly.

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Hello Shopify Community,

I've encountered a problem in requesting to get orders in Shopify.
The updated_at_min, created_at_min & processed_at_min is not working properly when I tried to a sample request in POSTMAN.

This is my existing order in Shopify,

Shopify Order Details:
         "id": sampleId123123,
         "email": "",
         "created_at": "2020-11-14T04:57:55+08:00",
         "updated_at": "2020-11-14T04:57:55+08:00",

          "processed_at": "2020-11-14T04:57:55+08:00"

Order Details.png
My goal is to get the all orders updated from "2020-11-14T04:00:00+08:00".

This is my request details in POSTMAN.
Request Details:
     Endpoint: /admin/api/2020-10/orders.json?updated_at_min=2020-11-14T04:00:00+08:00
     Headers: {
                X-Shopify-Access-Token: sample_token,

                Content-Type: application/json


        "orders": []

Get orders.png

This is the same results with created_at_min & processed_at_min.

But when I tried to change the date from the day before today. "2020-11-13T04:00:00+08:00"

 EndPoint: /admin/api/2020-10/orders.json?updated_at_min=2020-11-13T04:00:00+08:00

I was able to get the orders but that's unreliable for me.

I hope the community can help me about this.

Thank you in advance.




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Did you found an answer?