Shopify Review App - averaging/displaying across multiple products in a collection?


Hi all

I'm redesigning my store and will be using the Kingdom theme.

As part of this it seems I'll be breaking up my products (I design and make bags) so rather than one size bag being a product and the fabrics it's available in being variants these will now all be seperate products.

To improve the UX I'll be using an app by StarApps to display these seperate products as variants on each product page to make it easier for users to switch between the different fabric options (though also allow me to create collections with all bags in a certain fabric etc as needed as well).

One disadvantage of this approach is that the Shopify Review App associates reviews with a product. Previously this meant all bags of the same size and different fabrics (as options) would share the reviews and also if a particular fabric was discontinued or sold old I wouldn't also lose these reviews. 

I was therefore hoping to see if there is a way to group and display all the reviews for a particular size bag across all the different fabric versions of this bag?

I've found this on Jason's blog - - so seems possible, but wondered if anyone had experience with this?

Happy to try and code this myself or even pay someone to do a more elegant job - haha.

As per the example here - - I'd also be keen to display all the reviews on a standalone page as well?

Any help would be super appreciated  




Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 12.50.01 pm.png