Shopify bug in the checkout page

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We found a bug in shopify checkout page for the iso code of "Lebanese Pounds"

if you choose a store currency "Lebanese Pounds" with an iso code LBP

shopify mistake 1.png

in the checkout page you see the iso code "" and not "LBP" and this format is not correct ,

shopify mistake.png

we contact shopify partners support and someone in the support team say for me he dont have permission to fix this mistake and he want to submit a report for the developer team 
and i can see if this mistake has been fixed from this page "shopify changelog

anyone have a solution for this problem or i should to wait shopify developer team to fix it .

Thank You
Said Ghzayel
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Hey @ipublish!

In most cases, a country's ISO code is different from the currency code. Technically the ISO code for Lebanon is LBN, and the currency code is LBP.

You should be able to edit the currency formatting for Lebanese pounds by going to Settings > General in the Shopify admin. In the Store currency section, click on 'Change formatting' to change how the currency is displayed on your store. See this screenshot for an example:

 Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 3.33.20 PM.png

Hopefully this helps!

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already like this !
This problem is a bug from the system ( shopify developer team should be fix it )

shopify mistake.png