Shopify bug – wrong price per unit when native Shopify multi-currency enabled

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Hi, everyone. I struggle with reporting a bug to Shopify. Please help me understand if i'm missing something important here.


1. Shopify native multi-currency functionality has following default rounding rule for GBP currency: "Round up to nearest pound". This can not be changed on standard Shopify plans. If you want to change rounding rules – you need Shopify Plus (which we don't have). This is documented here:
2. This default rule wrongly applies not only to product price, but also to the price per unit (100g in case of our store), which is another native Shopify function that is documented here:
3. This bug is not theme-dependent – it is present on any theme – and can be seen on any store that shows price per unit and has GBP as one of currencies (one example is Debut theme).

Here are step-by-step instructions to see the bug on our store (links can get outdated pretty fast, but I hope text description will give clear idea):
3.1. Follow this link:
3.2. Change currency to GBP
3.3. Product price will be 4 GBP. Unit price will be 2 GBP per 100g, but it should be 1.6 GBP. Why? Because our product weights 250g and 4 GBP should be divided by 2.5. Unit price shown is 25% higher than real unit price for this variant.
3.4. Change variant to "3+1 Gratis". Product price will be 12 GBP. Unit price will be 2GBP per 100g but it should be 1.2 GBP. Why? Because 3+1 weight 1Kg.
3.5. Change variant to "1 kg (27% Rabatt)". Product price will be 11GBP. Unit price will be 2GBP per 100g but it should be 1.1 GBP.
3.6. So instead of seeing UNIT Prices of 1.6 GBP, 1.2 GBP and 1.1 GBP respectively for 100g – we get wrongly rounded number of 2 GBP regardless of the variant selected. 
I believe this defeats the whole purpose of price per unit functionality. 

The most frustrating part is that after Shopify support used every possible guess about how this could be third-party issue and made me prove several times the issue is inside Shopify – they didn't accept my bug report and gave this answer: "...this is not something that our technical team can assist with. I definitely recommend posting this on our forum where our third-party developers can view and help assist you as needed."
The most unconceivable thing is that this response was given after they forwarded my bug report to our theme (Prestige paid theme available in Shopify theme store) developer and after he confirmed this is unrelated to the theme. 

Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Wow! This time Shopify actually worked better than expected. 
By a lucky coincidence Shopify offered be to fill out "Voice of the Merchant Survey". So after I explained the situation in that survey – Amanda (Voice of the Merchant Specialist from Shopify) contacted me via email on 20th January and promised to send my input up to their developers. 
And voila – after just 10 days it seems to be fixed (without any notice though, but still – much better than expected).