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Is it possible to get a notification from Shopify when a customer changes their shipping address listed in their account?

Our Shopify account information isn't integrated to the warehouse, so if they change their address, the change won't be picked up and the product will ship to the old address.

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Hi! Hope you are doing well!

This is not possible in a Shopify. If the user has placed an order for some address, then it is to this address that the shipment should take place. The fact that the user will change this address in the account does not mean that all old orders or those that are to be delivered are sent to the wrong address. I hope I understood your idea correctly and my answer will be enough for you.


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Hi @Shop_And_Learn

When a user/customer change data, it does not update an email to the ower shop, you just can check it manually currently.

Hope this helps!

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