Shopify emails via store are going to spam --- but only ones sent to our internal Office 365 email

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Our client (we manage their IT) use the Shopify platform and the email address orders@[privatedomain].ca for order confirmations. All emails that shopify is sending with that email to other email address @[privatedomain].ca in the company are being flagged as spam. Emails sent to any other domain besides our [privatedomain].ca go through fine and are not flagged; just ones to our internal.  Our domain email is hosted on Office 365.  We have wrote rules but since the email is technically being sent using our orders@[privatedomain].ca email by Shopify the rules to whitelist using the domain aren't working.  We could do it by IP but Shopify sends from different IPs that keep changing so ideally that's not the best solution.  What's the proper procedure for setting up email on Shopify account and stopping it from being blocked in Office 365?