Shopify's multicurrency - currency format is missing for none store currency prices

We enabled Shopify's multi currency feature to add CAD to our USD store. Everything is working just fine except the product prices are missing currency code "CAD" when user changes the currency. This is very confusing because it is not clear what the currency is. Prices are change from "$xx USD" to "$xx". 


In General Setting page, we can setup "Currency Formatting" , but this is only for the store's main currency (USD). 


I looked into the product-template.liquid, I can see the filter used for showing the price is correctly set to money_with_currency see:


This issue looks like a bug in the multi currency feature. When multi currency is enabled for a store, the "Currency Formatting" feature should allow formatting for each currency, or at least apply the same formatting for all currencies. 

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I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?