Shopify short description and URL issue questions

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We are moving our store over from magento. Having two unresolved issues:
  1. If you look at any product, under the title, you will see "Description..." I was trying to find in the code how to make a "per product" short description for each product, but so far this code I found is global to all products, how would I inject this short description for each individual product?

    New website:

    Old website:
2. URL issues
In most other web designed ive worked in , I have control over URL paths. It seems in Shopify I dont? SEO dictates direct links to URL are better for SEO, but shopify is forcing my URLS to use collections/face/products/ URL string instead of letting me re-write:
What we would want:

Also we have a shade selector tool that is a basic HTML page hierarchy structure... all rooted to one URL directory. In magento, I have told the web crawlers to ignore and not index this root level and anything below because there are 100 HTML pages and not relevant to SEO.(as you are supposed to do for excluded page structures)

Shopify is forcing me to use their URL structure as
not only forcing me to use /pages/ again, but not allowing to set my URL page depth, but only using the naming delimiter as dashes.

Anyone help me out?