Shopify site on Supply theme, experiencing huge TTFB times of up to 14 Seconds.

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We have a web shop that has now been running for 3 - 4 years.  But recently this has become slower and slower.  We have had several shopify experts look at this but none have manged to improve this noticably.  I have noticed on network activity that the actual pages are loading in under 2 or 3 seconds, but there is often 10 - 15 seconds of TTFB (Time to first byte) before the page starts to load.  This would appear to be a code issue.  Does any one have a possible solution for this or point us to someone that can help us with this.  This is causing frustration for a lot of customers so we would be prepared to pay a expert to solve this as long as we can be sure this will help with the speed issues we are having.  Our web shop is