Shopify stores don’t properly load any more

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Just recently I noticed that my Shopify store is broken whenever I’m connected to my WiFi and work and at home. I attempted to check other Shopify stores and I noticed that a lot of stores I’ve used in the past are also broken whenever I’m on my WiFi. I attempted to have other co-workers check my store as well, and they were also not able to see the website like they should normally. I tried different internet browsers but experience the same issue. Why am I experiencing this problem only in Shopify based stores? It’s almost like I’ve been IP banned at my home and work WiFi locations. 



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Hello @FeralStreetwear 

It works fine for me 




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I think you missed the part where I mentioned that I think it’s an IP ban on my WiFi. I can see the website just fine when running on Cellular Data but not on my WiFi at my work or at my home. 

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Looks like all resources ( images, js, css files, etc ) are blocked. You can try to ping

On Windows

1. Open Command Prompt

2. Type in "ping" then press enter

On Mac

1. Open Terminal

2. Type in "ping", press enter

3. After it does a couple of tests, you can stop it by Ctrl + C


Look at the results, you probably have 100% losses ( or more than 0% loss). If you do, one thing you can try is to change the DNS server to and/or Try to change the DNS on your iPhone first, while connected to Wifi. If that works, then change the DNS on your router. Your current DNS server ( your ISP by default ) is probably experiencing some technical difficulties right now.