Shopper 'Cart Full' Notification

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I'm unsure if this issue was user error on the customer part or if it's an error on our part. 

A customer has informed me that while shopping they couldn't add more items to their cart and received a notification stating that their cart was full (or words to that effect)

We've set no limits, all the items were in stock and are unsure why this would happen and obviously don't want this to happen.

Could anyone shine any light on this for us, or would you have any suggestions on what the issue may be.  

The shop url is

Shopify Partner
1255 263 346


There are 2 message appears;

1) If customer select quantity greater than 1

"You can't add more ( Product Name ) to the cart."

2) If customer try to add same product which is in cart

"All 1 ( Product Name ) are in your cart."

But I don't think it's an issue, may be you add this functionality or the theme you are using have this functionality by default.
Check your theme settings to disable it and if its not available in settings then you have to manually find it and then comment/remove it. 


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