Shopping Cart Issues! Please help! :( Item not showing up in shopping cart!

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I've tried to reach out to Shopify support if they could help me rectify this issue. But they say they don't see this problem happening to them.

This happens to me all the time as well as many of my customers. When you add a product into the shopping cart, it doesn't show up. And I end up having to refresh the page a dozen times or so, or have to remove the product out of my shopping cart and then re-add it, and then refresh the page again in order to successfully add it into my shopping cart. This has become such a problem, I lose so many sales, and I am not able to expand my ordering capabilities because of this.

Can anyone test out my website and see if this happens to them too?

And anyone know the solution or can help me?! Because Shopify support just asks me what is my browser version or to clear my cache to see if that helps, but NO this is happening to so many people! It's not just me. 


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Hi @Monzie 

Aibek is here from agency.

Welcome to Shopify Community. 

We checked and found out that the product is being added to the cart. There is no error in this, but there is an error in the logic when adding a product to the cart. When you click on Add to cart, the process of adding the product to the cart itself goes on, and then a bunch of unnecessary requests are generated. And it goes on for up to 1 minute. We made a video to show you.
That is, the product is in the basket, but until all these requests are completed, the product will not appear in the basket.

Have you done any customization related to the shopping cart? Have you added an app? Or was there such a mistake initially?

If you didn't do anything, then the error is in the theme itself.

We checked the demo version of the Narrative theme that you are currently using. Everything works fine there. As a solution, try rolling back all the changes you made on the product page or files theme.min.js. In the Shopify editor, you can roll back to the original version.

Hope that helps you.

Remember test everything before posting it at your live theme. 

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Thank you so much for being able to detect that. I have forwarded it to my website developer to see if he can resolve this issue.