Show Currency (CAD / AUD / USD) on product page

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I have a currency selector so the user can change between currencies, the problem is: From experience AUD / CAD / NZL users often get confused because products display prices as $XX and it's not clear whether it's canadian or usd.


So, how do I display the abbreviated currency code on the product price? CAD / USD etc


Hi Paul. Walter here from microDev (Shopify Partner).


This is a great point and one that Shopify has actually made really easy to resolve! What you want to do is format your prices using a money filter to add the currently 3 letter code to the product pricing. To do this, you need need to add the filter “ | money_with_currency” to your product price liquid tags in your ‘product-template.liquid” file (and anywhere else you may need it). 


It should look like this when you done:

{{ product.price | money_with_currency }}

However, this could differ slightly depending on your theme.


If you would some support making this change to your theme or performing any other customisations, please feel free to send me an email at and we will see how we can help you with these!