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Hello, I was wondering how I can show the already discounted price on the cart. My website has a discount popup that shows up after a few seconds and generates a discount automatically, the client then activates it but it does not show in the cart on the side, only after initiating the checkout. I already searched on the community but I can't seem to find a proper answer. I also attached two images with how it looks right now and how I would like it to show.


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Did you find out how to do that? I am looking into this matter too, does anyone have any idea?

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You can display the applied coupon code on the cart page using

To achieve the full functionality that you need, you can change your 'coupon activation' link to go to your cart page with a parameter `?discount-code=YOUR-CODE`. If you don't want to direct the customers to the cart page, you can also use the app's standalone discount field on any page, and change the 'coupon activation' link to go to that page with the same discount code query parameter above.

When they click the link,  one of two things will happen:

- If the customer already has items in their cart, the coupon will be applied and a success message will show the discount amount.

- If the cart is empty, the app will attempt to apply the coupon once the customer adds something to their cart.

The coupon application would happen on any page which displays either the app's standalone discount field or the app's discount coupon cart summary.

I hope this solves your problem!