Show product item by tag or collection next to Slideshow

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Current code inside Slideshow.liquid file:



<div class="daily-deal-container">
      <h3> הדיל היומי! </h3>
      <div class="daily-deal-card">
        {% for product in collection.products limit: 1 %}
            <p> test </p>
            {%- if product.tags contains 'daily-deal' -%}
               <p> test </p>
               {%- render 'product-item', product: product, grid_classes: '1/4--lap 1/5--desk 1/6--wide', show_add_to_cart: section.settings.show_quick_buy -%}
               {%- render 'product-item', product: product, horizontal: true, list: true -%}
            {% endif %}
        {% endfor %}



I want to show product item card based on specific collection / tag. 
For some reason no matter what I do the "for" loop doesn't work and it is not getting inside the first "For" loop condition..

I put the "test" paragraph to see if it goes inside the condition for testing and NOTHING!

Here is the issue:


NOTHING is showing up below the "for" condition..

Can you please help me figure out why it just ignores my conditional "for"?

Please help ASAP. It's urgent for me.
Best regards!

*BTW - I've 2 'Product-Item' renders because I want 1 horizontal and 1 vertical - 1 for mobile and 1 for desktop use and I'll hide one if them at every given time based on resolution. Ignore this as of now.